5 easy ways to improve your decor in a few minutes

We would all like to be more organized, and have a more zen and tidy home... But daily obligations, activities and other stresses of modern life take over and often prevent us from achieving this. However, we should not give up and consider it a lost battle. Here are 5 small strategies, which only take a few minutes at a time, but which make a big difference in the house. Why not keep this article as a guide and make it your goal to accomplish one every day?
Removing (almost) everything you hang on the fridge works wonders: it's one of the best ways to give a kitchen a neater look. Those who don't want to have a completely "bare" fridge can at least do a good cleaning and periodic rotation (say, once a month).

Too many papers, photos and other odds and ends are often accumulated on the fridge, which contributes to a cluttered space. There are easy ways to move some items elsewhere.

Restaurant menus can be put together in a folder and kept in a drawer.
School paperwork, activity-related paperwork, invitations, etc. can be pinned to a board elsewhere in the house (in the office, near the entrance, in the "homework corner", or even inside a pantry/closet door).
Children's drawings or crafts can be limited to one at a time (or one per child). The rest can be kept in a folder per child and then transferred elsewhere (in a scrapbook representing a year, in a memory bin, in a frame, etc.).
Same thing with photos: you can choose to keep only one on the fridge at a time, and rotate them.

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